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All My Life

2020 FHD 1h 33m 9

It was a chance meeting started by one of Sol’s friends trying to chat up Jennifer. However, in the end, it was those two who hit it off. Sol enjoyed Jen’s smile, her effort, and how silly she could be. Jen enjoyed Sol’s cooking, his athleticism, and that he would join her in fun moments. As you can imagine, love bloomed, and things got serious. Jen’s investment in Sol led to her pushing him to follow his dreams and even move in to save money. Sol’s investment in Jen well, it led to him proposing. But what started as a liver tumor grew into full-on cancer, so with a diagnosis of 6 months to live, Sol and Jennifer try to make the best of it.

Director: Marc Meyers

Genre: Drama, Romance

Cast: Chrissie Fit, Ever Carradine, Greg Vrotsos, Harry Shum Jr., Jay Pharoah, Jessica Rothe, Keala Settle, Kyle Allen, Marielle Scott, Michael Masini

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